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Ark of Baphomet

Ark of Baphomet

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What’s inside: The Oracle of Mythology. The Valley of the Ka. A living Nile of Egypt. Ædam made Adam and Eve. Giants love to carnal-val. Cyclops are super gullible. We know the name of God, and we’re not going to tell you. Abraxas in a speedo. The Almond Tower. Christos and Kristna. The Adrenaline Baptist. Hermes is a trickster. The Horned Venus. Are you my genitals? Love is a carbon emission. Horus is the placenta. Dowsing the goat’s heath. Compassion for Lilith. Why Titans were into cannibalism and incest. A rattlesnake in the temple. Why we remember a flood. Sheep make good gene boats. Canaan’s mom was his grandpa. Belzoni, the tomb-raiding giant. The Lady of your Lake. A psychological profile of Jesus. The Baphomet of Egypt. When genitals go to court. The cherub in the Sphinx. The oldest constellation. The ark of chimerism. Noah got roofied.

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