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The Spell of Six Dragons

The Spell of Six Dragons

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Stories, songs, and poems from a younger James True. Chapters include: Jimmy. Choir Boy. Student. Traveler. Nendawen. Fountain City. Asheville. Wizard of Oz. Six Dragons. A Great Awakening. Sketches. Photos.

This autobiography is a collection of literature and poems inspired by growing up in America. The author takes you through his experiences as a world-traveling choirboy, Navy submarine hunter, philosopher, wilderness counselor, politician, lover, and finally sculptor of six large-format bamboo dragons built across North and Central America. Watch a story unfold of growing up to realize you haven't really. It's full of humor and richness in the moment from the colors of childhood to the weight of overcoming codependency. It's the tale of touching your dreams and watching them run away as you chase them.

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